God is foxy

I recently read an article about a Republican presidential candidate, one of the many who have entered, and to be sure, among the many still to come. It’s going to be that kind of election…conservatism will be popular and everyone on the right is anxious to vote; myself included. The article, written by a conservative woman (who I think is pretty foxy), was about Mike Huckabee. It was more or less a commentary on his qualifications and his likability among the field of candidates. But, in the article she referenced something that, though not completely surprising, made me a little upset.

Now I must admit, the reason it made me upset has everything to do with my perception. That is to say, I want my foxy, conservative women to think like I do. Thus, when she saw fit to mention that this candidate is unlike her by way of his spirituality, her foxiness receded a bit. In essence, Huckabee is a devoted Christian and she is a non-believer. I know there are many non-believers out there and I don’t get too uptight about it. I am not a denominational cheerleader either. In my opinion, however, to publicly deny the plausibility of creationism, in an otherwise intellectual journal piece no less, makes someone look like they’re trying to be smarter than they actually are.

Here’s where I’ll turn the corner and make my case. I know that for many people the idea of a God or a Creator is becoming less and less a reasonable argument. The reason, I think, is because we humans, in general, are beginning to think we are smarter than we actually are. In other words, when it comes to God, we tend to over-think it.

The human being is capable of some pretty amazing things. We can build large buildings that don’t fall over, very large jets that fly through the air and small devices called “smartphones” that can do hundreds of tasks that used to require a warehouse full of equipment. I think we are beginning to look at human achievement as a way to throw ourselves on top of a pedestal while ignoring the essence of the human experience; which resides in the most complex of all machines, us. We are beginning to believe we’ve become better than any Creator.

I understand that science wants to use the model of Earth to define the existence of life, but if one is logical, the probability of a perfect planet, capable of sustaining life and descended from a large explosion, should in itself seem….too scientifically improbable. Thus, when people espouse publicly that God does not exist, or cannot exist because science says He can’t, it makes them look too narcissistic; and in her case, less foxy.

Do I have the answers? No I do not. And I don’t know why dinosaurs existed, but I know that if I can make my kids believe in the Tooth Fairy, God can explain dinosaurs to me later. I’m not a “verbatim” Bible believer, as evidenced by my not having gouged an eye out when foxy women cause me to sin internally. I think that God is something different to every person that understands the human specialness. My interpretation of Christianity is just that:God is not the same to all persons. As I observe human behavior, I think that is true. But the larger argument is whether there could indeed be specialness to this planet and to human existence.

For those who claim to be non-believers, and especially those who want the rest of us to know that, I think they struggle with justification of the heartache that accompanies human life. “How could a God be wonderful and allow such tragedy?” Science removes blame and places the seemingly unexplainable in the hands of galactic collusion. They are looking at it from a surface standpoint and trying to make sense of it from eye-level. I believe they want to believe in the specialness of humans and in a “reason” for their lives, but they can’t get past the discrepancy of life on Earth. Hence, many will vocalize their disbelief as a means to create self-importance in a world which they cannot explain.

I’m a conservative, but my politics do not guide my spirituality; or vice-versa. I like to believe I look at things logically, which in my life has helped me gravitate to the theoretical confines of conservatism. I really enjoy this lady both as a writer and a commentator. Intelligent, conservative women are foxy….unless they publicly denounce the plausibility of God. Then they become un-foxy; but I still like them.


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